Parenting, Passports and Profits

Welcome to our contribution to the freedom-preneur movement! This digital nomad blog and community is here to inspire and support intentional parenting, living life and building location independent online income streams.

Intentional parenting

In our world ‘intentional’ parenting simply means consciously talking and making decisions about how we want to live with our child. And, where appropriate, involve our offspring in the conversations and decision-making process.

Our parenting section is also a place where we want to encourage parents as teachers; especially for those choosing home education models such as homeschooling, unschcooling, roadschooling or worldschooling.

‘Passports’ is about living life

Passports’ is our metaphor for how we hope our community will enjoy life to the fullest. From career changes to actively pursuing ‘bucket list’ experiences, we want to encourage and inspire people to be great people, to do great things and to have great experiences.

If we can all live life to the fullest and focus on the positive aspects of being global citizens, we feel the world will be a better place.


Profits’ on this site is all about building location independent online income streams, including location independent jobs, as well as generating recurring revenues for your business. (If you want to learn how to get rich online, or make money online fast, you’ve come to the wrong place!)

Why a digital nomad blog

Firstly, a digital nomad blog allows us to share the highs and lows we all invariably face as we pursue our dreams.

Secondly, it provides a location independent business model. Meaning we have to recognise we’re running a business. And a business needs effective resources and skills to be profitable.

Consequently, the ‘Profits‘ areas of the blog and the website are where we explore and share digital nomad tools dedicated to increasing productivity and recurring revenues. As the knowledge base and tools grow, so too should your ability to earn online income. And, even better, residual income.

Only then will we all be free to live life to the fullest.

Best digital nomad blogs

There are tens of thousands of people, (if not more!) that we know of who are living or trying to live a life by design. Each person, or family’s, story is unique so deciding who has the best digital nomad blog is quite impossible in our opinion!

Nonetheless, we continue to be inspired by many people, families and service providers who make it possible to believe in the freedompreneur movement. And living life as a digital nomad. Meet our inspirations here.

Here’s wishing you much success and looking forward to seeing you on the road sometime!

Colin, Elly and Little Miss

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Is this you?
You've been intentionally choosing your own parenting path for a while. You were brave enough to take the first steps and have the scars and the stories as rewards. You are enjoying a life that would never have been possible if things had stayed as they were. You want to share your story to inspire others to live life too.
Could it be you?
You've taken your first steps on your intentional parenting journey. Your confidence is growing but you know there is more you can do to stay present, live life in the now and earn a dollar or two on the way. You have a dream and you're going to keep giving life all you've got to make it come true!
Want it to be you?
You've just discovered a whole new world! You are starting to explore and imagine different ways to live that you didn't even know existed! It excites you to know others are already doing it even if you're not quite ready to try some of the ideas yourself. You have lots of questions and you're hungry to learn more.

Which are you?

How would you like this website and community to help you?

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The Top 3 Digital Nomad Tools We Recommend

These are the online resources we are effectively using day-in, day-out, week-in, week-out to help us run a location independent online business. Without them we would not have the ability or confidence to deliver something of value to the marketplace. Or that we could automate many aspects to gain the desired freedom we seek.

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To learn what other digital nomad tools we recommend, please click our Digital Nomad Tools - Our Resources and Recommendations page