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Is this you?
You've been intentionally choosing your own parenting path for a while. You were brave enough to take the first steps and have the scars and the stories as rewards. You are enjoying a life that would never have been possible if things had stayed as they were. You want to share your story to inspire others to live life too.
Could it be you?
You've taken your first steps on your intentional parenting journey. Your confidence is growing but you know there is more you can do to stay present, live life in the now and earn a dollar or two on the way. You have a dream and you're going to keep giving life all you've got to make it come true!
Want it to be you?
You've just discovered a whole new world! You are starting to explore and imagine different ways to live that you didn't even know existed! It excites you to know others are already doing it even if you're not quite ready to try some of the ideas yourself. You have lots of questions and you're hungry to learn more.

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