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If you’re seeking location independence or you’re a digital nomad with family, you’ve come to the right place. The Parenting Passports and Profits location independent and digital nomad blog (and vlog) spot!

We started our digital nomad family life in February 2017 when we only had one child. (As of January 2019, we have two!). Now we do our best to create and share content that helps build community and connections for like-minded families considering intentional parentingliving life to the full and building location independent online income streams.

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There are tens of thousands of people, (if not more!) that we know of who are living or trying to live a life by design. Each person, or family's, story is unique so deciding who has the best digital nomad blog is quite impossible in our opinion!

Nonetheless, we continue to be inspired by many people, families and service providers who make it possible to believe in the freedompreneur movement, location independence and living life as a digital nomad family. 

Here’s wishing you much success and looking forward to seeing you on the road sometime!

Colin, Elly and the girls 

Colin, Little Miss A, Little Miss R, Elly _ Hoi An 19-7-7

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