This area of our site is dedicated to providing positive parenting solutions and inspirations through a philosophy of intentional parenting.

Intentional parenting

Our ‘intentional parenting‘ philosophy is inspired by philosophies such as ‘attachment parenting’, ‘respectful parenting‘ and other parenting traits referred to in books like ‘The Danish Way of Parenting – What the Happiest People in the World Know About Raising Confident Capable Kids‘.

In our world, ‘intentional parenting‘ simply means consciously talking and making decisions about how we want to live with our child. And, where appropriate, involve our offspring in the conversations and decision-making process.

Our parenting section is also a place where we want to encourage parents as teachers; especially for those choosing to home education models such as homeschooling, unschcooling, roadschooling or worldschooling.

Some of the traits you can expect to see fostered and nurtured in children here include:

Play Empathy Authenticity
Creativity Curiosity Resourcefulness
Integrity Sociability Resilience

In our view there is no ‘right way’ to parent. We are all unique and so are our children. This means our parenting journey will be unique too.

We hope you enjoy the ride and please let us know how we can help when the road gets bumpy!

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