‘Passports’ is our metaphor for living life to the full. From career changes to actively pursuing ‘bucket list’ experiences, we want to encourage and inspire people to be great people, to do great things and to have great experiences.

Living life

Living life is about trying new things and pushing your comfort zones from time to time; it’s about exposing yourself to new cultural experiences and opening yourself up to different lifestyles.

You don’t need to be into family travel to be living life. You simply need to be embracing life as an opportunity to experience all that the world has to offer. Whether that be in your own backyard or on the other side of the world!

In this category, expect to be ‘edutained’ and inspired. Contributions to this area of the site can and will come from all corners of the earth. From all sorts of people, living all sorts of lives!

8 reasons we loved the Chestnut Hill Eco Resort. And one we didn’t!

Chestnut Hill Eco Resort entrance
We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Chestnut Hill Eco Resort near Hat Yai, Thailand and would happily visit again if we were in the area.

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Appreciate the wins

Appreciate the wins
When life is challenging us, it is important to recognise and appreciate the wins, however small they may seem. Especially if your stresses and strains seem never ending! Under pressure We're definitely feeling a lot of pressure right now. We love living where we are and we are enjoying our minimalism. But we're still finding our feet when it comes to making money online and that shows up in our bank accounts. And, as many people know, financial pressures are often the ones that cause a lot of stresses. So I need to remind myself that, I can still appreciate the ...

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Digital nomad blog; our three month progress update

LinkBike cycle sharing in Penang – Part2

Colin's first experience of using Penang's 'bike sharing' scheme LinkBike. Part2 following a camera overheat!

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LinkBike cycle sharing in Penang – Part1

Colin's first experience of using Penang's 'bike sharing' scheme LinkBike. This is Part1 as camera overheated!

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