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‘Profits’ on this site is all about helping you with your location independence aspirations. To help you to build freedom and location independent online income streams, including location independent jobs if that is what you want. As well as generating recurring revenues for your business; e.g. through recurring affiliate marketing and sales. (If you want to learn how to get rich online, or make money online fast, you’ve come to the wrong place!)

Location independent online income is about lifestyle and freedom

Having location independent jobs and a digital nomad blog is only a start. To enjoy a digital nomad lifestyle and the potential freedom it can bring requires a lot of hard work.

Digital nomads and freedom-preneurs have to recognise and respect that our online endeavours mean we’re running businesses. And businesses need effective resources and skills to be profitable.

In this section we explore and share ideas, people and tools dedicated to increasing productivity and recurring revenues. As the community grows, so too should your ability to earn online income. And, even better, residual income.

Only then will we all be free to live life to the fullest. Here’s wishing you much success and we hope you join the tribe soon!

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There is no traffic on the extra mile…

There is no traffic on the extra mile…

ABP2I first heard this statement listening to my trusted friend Brian Tracy. I don’t know if he’s the first to coin that particular phrase, but if you read enough, you’ll know another of my trusted mates, Napoleon Hill is a big advocate of “going the extra mile”.

Consequently, I’m confident both these successful men and their particular sources can be relied on by the rest of us…

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Best digital nomad blogs

There are tens of thousands of people, (if not more!) that we know of who are living or trying to live a life by design. Each person, or family's, story is unique so deciding who has the best digital nomad blog is quite impossible in our opinion!

Nonetheless, we continue to be inspired by many people, families and service providers who make it possible to believe in the freedompreneur movement, location independence and living life as a digital nomad family. 

Here’s wishing you much success and looking forward to seeing you on the road sometime!

Colin, Elly and the girls 

Colin, Little Miss A, Little Miss R, Elly _ Hoi An 19-7-7

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