A typical 24 hours of Christmas in Asia?

  • Sunrise depicting a new 24 hours in Asia
  • That horrible midnight-moment when your little one visits you in the night caked in vomit and so begins a sleep-deprived night for all the family.
  • That anxious and stressful time the following morning when the whole family rises early to line up for hours to apply for a medium-term visa for their next slow-travel country destination.
  • That sense of calm uncertainty when the visa application process goes as smooth as possible but you still have to return later that day to collect your passports.
  • That bonus moment when Mum, Dad and Little Miss enjoy an unexpected brunch together before Mum heads to work and daddy-daughter time begins.
  • That feeling of achievement when the sheets are washed and the mess from the night before becomes a fading memory. That feeling of acceptance when Dad and daughter choose a day-time festive film because at that moment in time, it’s the best thing they can do with each other.
  • That warm feeling when your normally hyperactive little one lies still in your arms, twitching as she dreams, and rests long enough to claim a rare day-time sleep worthy of the name.
  • That ‘Christmassy’ feeling when you return to the shopping centre two days in a row just so your little loved one can play on/in/with the temporary entertainment.
  • That sense of joy when you collect your passports and discover you can start planning to extend your next digital nomad adventure.
  • That sense of togetherness when Mum returns home and we all get to celebrate the events of the day.
  • That bizarre feeling when Mum attends a video interview for a permanent/part-time location independent job at 11pm on the last working day before Christmas.
  • That sense of gratitude for living life as a digital nomad family with all the excitement and uncertainty such a life entails.

So this is what twenty-four hours of Christmas in Asia feels like eh?

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