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If you’re considering a location independent lifestyle yourself, or simply want to know what are the digital nomad tools people like us use to develop and support their online income initiatives, then this page is for you.

Living life as we do, we need and use a variety of digital nomad tools to help us fulfil our desire to live life to the fullest. In short, products and services, that keep us happy, healthy and sane(!) while we develop our digital nomad blog and online income opportunities.

Please note the following are all products and services we personally use and recommend. A few are ‘forever free’, but most require some level of investment if you are to maximise their benefits.

NB. This page contains affiliated/compensated links. This means if you click them, we may get a small commission for your purchase but there is no additional cost to you. As a result, you get a great product or service and we get to stay in business! For the full disclosure blurb, please see our DISCLAIMER page).

Lifestyle (Food, Travel & Accomodation)

Since we left behind the security and routines of a home, car and a local grocery store, the following services have all taken on more importance in our pursuit and enjoyment of location independence. If you want to live your life to the fullest, we highly recommend you give some of these services a try.

  • iHerb logo
    Great overall value for natural products! As they ship globally it gives us a constant source of healthy food regardless of where we are in the world.
  • AirBnB logo
    Accomodation options that often give us a chance to live as locals. And at prices that fit within our budget however low or high that may be. Available everywhere!
  • Uber logo
    We've thoroughly enjoyed not owning a car and the Uber app has made it easy for us to still enjoy getting around. Great alternative to taxis too.

Digital Nomad Tools & Support

How to Make Money Online

  • How to Make Money From Blogging by Sharon Gourlay book cover
    How to Make Money From Blogging
    This book was a huge inspiration for us. It's short and gives you plenty of 'how to' so you can take action straight away. Author is a mother of 3 who transformed the families way of life.
  • Payoneer logo
    Developing location independent income requires having a method to easily receive payments regardless of where you are in the world. Payoneer makes that possible (especially if you use Amazon's affiliate program).

SEO & Website Tools

  • BlueHost logo
    Because they make it incredibly easy to get a new site up and running with their one-click automatic WordPress Blog installation
  • ThemeForest logo
    Wordpress themes and templates and more from as little as $2
  • KeySearch coupon
    Keyword Research Made Easy! Find profitable, low competition keywords in seconds and start ranking today!

Email Marketing & Automation

  • ConvertKit logo
    ConvertKit makes managing your email list and setting up automation easy and user-friendly. Segmenting our email subscribers into groups so that they get content specific to their individual needs has never been more simple.

Social Media

Social media has the ability to completely suck your time and energy. The following tools are all helping us use social media more efficiently and effectively. Most have a free entry level option which allows you to get going and become comfortable with a particular platform. However, as soon as you get some traction we recommend upgrading depending on the channel and need.

  • Tailwind logo
    We use Tailwind primarily to help automate our Pinterest accounts. It lets you schedule multiple pins and gives you the all-important analytics you need to be able to best decide what and when to pin.


Time is the only properly defined limited resource applicable to us all. This makes it your most valuable resource and although you can’t manage time, you can manage how you use it. We use all the following tools and services on the principle that if you can save ’10 minutes a day’, you effectivley earn yourself a week a year! How valuable is that!

  • Insightly logo
    Insightly is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool which we find very useful for managing follow-ups. They have a free version that you can use indefinitely depending how big your contact database and associated records.
  • Get Friday logo
    GetFriday is a Virtual Assistant company that can do any manner of jobs for you. We have been using them for years across different businesses and continue to use them now. Using a VA company means they replace the VA if a single person decides to move on.

If you’d like any feedback or insights about how we use any of the above digital nomad tools, please feel reach out to us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Disclaimer: This article/page contains affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase after clicking on one of these links then we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting our site and helping to make it the inspiring family travel and digital nomad blog it aims to be!

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