PPP#1: You got to start somewhere!

This is Colin’s first recorded thoughts about the Parenting, Passports and Profit podcast. They were recorded at the end of January 2017. It’s very raw, didn’t involve any special equipment and leaves a lot of room for improvement. Plus he ran out of space so the file cuts off prematurely before he has a chance to say “thank you for listening” or “goodbye”. Or what to do next!

Since then, we’ve been concentrating on Elly’s website but now, (July 2017), we are starting to breath some more life into this website and now this podcast.

Hence we decided that sharing the file as it was recorded is in keeping with recording our digital nomad journey. We want to show people our starting point because everyone has to start somewhere and we’ve no idea when you may come across this recording.

If you’d like to help and/or be on the show, please reach out via any of the contact areas on the website. We look forward to being of service to parents and trust you will give us the feedback we need to do so.

Our podcasting mentors have all said, “just get started”, so we have! We promise the show will get better!

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