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We (Elly and Colin) are both heart centred entrepreneurs, meaning our entrepreneurial endeavours are not all about the money.

We’re always willing to go the extra mile to help the people with whom we live, work and play. When it comes to professional arrangements, there are several different ways we could work together.

Please DO contact us to start a conversation. We’d love to hear from you.


They say never work with pets or children…

But when the child is a blue-eyed bundle of energy, with natural blond ringlets(!) and a playful personality, maybe you can think again.

Talents (@ age 3½):

  • Can swim. We don’t mean just doggie paddle either! (Although she does choose that option when she can’t be bothered to do what seriously looks like breaststroke! Learned by doing too, no lessons)
  • Willing to say thank you in three languages (sometimes!). Has a very decent English vocabulary (not sure how you test such a thing) but you should hear her pronounce ‘hospitality’. Five syllables! No problem!
  • Avid reader and will read books out loud (nearly verbatim) after hearing the story only a few times. Maybe we’re impressed too easily but she holds some attention when doing it!
Little Miss working hard at her home playground in Penang

Little Miss 'working' hard at her home playground in Penang

The Heart Centred Entrepreneurs’ Intern

Little Miss (born in late 2013) is already investing for the future and made her first share investment (in Warren Buffets Berkshire Hathaway Group) aged three. She keeps an open mind on how she can add value to your next brand campaign or feature article so be sure to approach her with your ideas. (Not that we can guarantee she will listen to all offers!)

Likes to ham it up for the camera when she’s in the mood so also available for modelling.

If your brand is interested in working with Little Miss, please reach out to her agents (Mum and Dad!) here.

3 great reasons why you’ll enjoy AND value working with us

  1. As heart centred entrepreneurs with a deep rooted desire to help people, we will always go the extra mile to help you and/or your project succeed.
  2. We appreciate both the big picture and the fine detail. You will enjoy a high level of professionalism that ensures you will have a relationship with open and effective communication.
  3. We’re low maintenance, respectful and easy to work with! Contact us and let's make something special happen together!
Elly, Colin and Little Miss. Living a life by design documented by our family travel and digital nomad blog

Elly, Colin and Little Miss