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Colin-Elly-Sunset-PenangWe (Elly and Colin) are both heart centred entrepreneurs, meaning our entrepreneurial endeavours are not all about the money.

We’re always willing to go the extra mile to help the people with whom we live, work and play. When it comes to professional arrangements, there are several different ways we could work together.

Please DO contact us to start a conversation. We’d love to hear from you.

  • Work with Colin

    Colin Clapp sitting on balcony with iPad

    As a heart centred entrepreneur, my purpose in life is to inspire significance through a philosophy of give, take, invest and enjoy. And while my mission is to develop peoples’ mindflow, I like to keep things simple and remind everyone that business and life can be fun, even during the tough times.

    With over 30 years business and work experience behind me, I love helping others to be, do and have all that is important to them so they can enjoy more meaning, more money and more freedom. Believing that life is a team game, I am committed to building better quality relationships and making a positive contribution to both local and global communities.

    As a parent myself, I want to serve business owning, active parents of young children; i.e. parents who are determined to grow their businesses but who have exhausted their existing capability and knowledge. And parents who seriously desire more balanced lives.

    There a couple of ways I can help you so to choose one (or both!) click the boxes below:

  • Work with Elly

    Elly McGuinness in pinkI am a degree qualified health and fitness practitioner with 15+ years industry experience. My commitment to living life to the fullest is built on a foundation of practicing holistic health philosophies and I want to help you do the same.

    So whether you need a kick-start or your butt kicked, I’m here to help you get the most from your health and fitness journey.

    I am also a freelance writer and the author of the book, Burning Fat for Good (available on Amazon).

    If you are specifically interested in working with me as a health and fitness expert, you can find out lots more about me on my dedicated health and fitness website

    Alternatively you can cut straight to the chase and choose one of two ways to work with me….

    Of course I am also a proud and loving mum, inspiring and supportive partner as well as a female, slow-travelling, digital nomad. If you’re interested in working with these aspects of my life, please reach out here.

  • Work with Little Miss

    Little Miss working hard at her home playground in Penang

    They say never work with pets or children…

    But when the child is a blue-eyed bundle of energy, with natural blond ringlets(!) and a playful personality, maybe you can think again.

    Talents to date (@ age 3½):

    • Can swim. We don’t mean just doggie paddle either! (Although she does choose that option when she can’t be bothered to do what seriously looks like breaststroke! Learned by doing too, no lessons)
    • Willing to say thank you in three languages (sometimes!). Has a very decent English vocabulary (not sure how you test such a thing) but you should hear her pronounce ‘hospitality’. Five syllables! No problem!
    • Avid reader and will read books out loud (nearly verbatim) after hearing the story only a few times. Maybe we’re impressed too easily but she holds some attention when doing it!

    The Heart Centred Entrepreneurs’ Intern

    Little Miss (born in late 2013) is already investing for the future and made her first share investment (in Warren Buffets Berkshire Hathaway Group) aged three. She keeps an open mind on how she can add value to your next brand campaign or feature article so be sure to approach her with your ideas. (Not that we can guarantee she will listen to all offers!)

    Likes to ham it up for the camera when she’s in the mood so also available for modelling.

    If your brand is interested in working with Little Miss, please reach out to her agents (Mum and Dad!) here.

  • Partner with the family

    Click the tabs and associated dropdown boxes to explore the different ways we can add value to your brand as an advertiser or brand partner

    • Advertising & PR
    • Brand partnering

    Tab 1

    • Product or service launches/Press trips

      We're always happy to try new activities and products and/or accept press and social media trips. We do, however, always reserve the right to write what we want for the website – honesty is why we are attracting a growing readership.

      Benefits of working with us

      • Increased awareness of your product and/or services so our readers think of you next time they are looking to make a purchase.
      • Increased search engine visibility – as our SEO skills continue to grow we give our articles the best chance of ranking in search engines. Our articles also help improve your own search engine ranking by linking back to your website.
      • Continual content marketing – our reviews and articles can stay on our site forever where they will continue to influence readers for years to come.
      • We also write for other publications and can share our experiences in these outlets as well.
    • Embedded links
      • We will place an embedded link in a pre-existing blog post (availability is dependent on whether there is a suitable post to match).
      • Includes having posts/articles being promoted across our social social media channels.
      • Also an option as part of our content based promotion.
    • Banner advertisements

      We will happily promote brands, products or services via advertising if they are relevant to the Parenting, Passports and Profits brand.

      You can advertise on our home page, sidebar, footer or as a marked advert within an article.

      Use the form below to contact us for information on pricing, sizes and positions.

      Benefits of working with us

      • Increased brand awareness and exposure
      • Generate click-throughs to your site
    • Contests and giveaways

      We are open to running contests and giveaways via our website and social media accounts.

      We can run competitions on our platforms that can match your goals. Whether that’s to drive more readers to your website, gain more email subscribers, or get more interaction and followers across your social media, we can help you achieve it.

      In addition, we welcome receiving appropriate products to use as giveaways.

      Benefits of working with us

      • Exposure and increased brand awareness – reach thousands of new customers.
      • More email subscribers and social media followers.
      • Increased search engine results as social media interaction is one of the ways to improve your rankings.
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    Tab 2

    • Brand ambassadors

      We are actively seeking brands that reflect our philosophies and values. If your brand and related products and services improve the lives of our audience, we're keen to explore the opportunity to form a long-term relationship as your brand ambassador.

      Having us share our personal experiences increases your online exposure and brand awareness in a way that connects with people. Many parents and aspiring 'digital nomads' take action after reading our recommendations.

      In addition to any promotional benefits, we can and will provide constructive feedback on any products or services so as to help your product development plans.

      Benefits of working with us

      • Increasing exposure and brand awareness.
      • Brand association – our readers will associate you with our trusted brand.
      • Continual influence – Regular promotion via our website, social media and word-of-mouth marketing.
      • Continual content marketing – our reviews and articles can stay on our site forever. They will continue to influence readers for years to come.
      • Due to the fact that our articles are optimized for the search engine, they continue to gain views on a long term basis.
    • Content based promotion

      We welcome enquiries from brands wishing to use our content platform. We can promote your activity, brand, product or service in one of three ways:

      • We write the copy – The team at Parents, Passports and Profits will create the content and place the embedded link
      • You write the copy – You submit an article that is ready to post – between 500–1000 words, with an embedded link in an area of your choice. (The post should be relevant for our audience and in the same tone-of-voice as the rest of our articles. Please check our blog before contacting us and make sure the post is a good fit).
      • We place an embedded link in a pre-existing blog post (availability is dependent on whether there is already a suitable post to match)


      Benefits of working with us

      • Increased brand awareness and exposure
      • Increased search engine rankings (this occurs even with nofollow links)
    • Social media posts

      Our content based advertising options include social media promotion of each blog post. However if you would like to discuss stand alone social media posts to promote your product, we can discuss rates for:

      • Pinterest pins
      • Facebook and Instagram posts
      • Flipboard flips
      • Tweet(s)
    • Product reviews

      We are happy to review a variety of activities, products and services on our site if they are in keeping with our philosophies. We are also happy to accept sponsored reviews should you have a product you would like featured.

      Such reviews generally include links back to your website along with appropriate images, and will be promoted across our social media accounts. All posts remain in our archives.

      At Parenting, Passports and Profits we believe in being upfront and transparent regarding sponsored reviews, and as always, we reserve the right to write honestly about your activity, product or service.

      Benefits of working with us

      • Increased brand awareness and visibility – reach thousands of potential new customers.
      • Generate click-throughs to your site.
      • Continual content marketing – our reviews and articles are on our site forever. They will continue to influence readers for years to come.
    • I'm interested. Where to from here?

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Elly, Colin and Little Miss - Heart Centred Entrepreneurs

Elly, Colin and Little Miss

3 great reasons why you’ll enjoy AND value working with us

  • As heart centred entrepreneurs with a deep rooted desire to help people, we will always go the extra mile to help you and/or your project succeed.
  • We appreciate both the big picture and the fine detail. You will enjoy a high level of professionalism that ensures you will have a relationship with open and effective communication.
  • We’re low maintenance, respectful and nice to work with!

Contact us now to start a conversation…