Pick Our Brains


In early 2017, we left behind friends, family, and all our possessions to become a digital nomad family. And to learn to live location independently.

Ever since, we’ve regularly received requests from people wanting to pick our brains about how we live, travel, and work. All while we unschool and worldschool our two young girls.

To satisfy these requests we have created an opportunity for you to Ask us Anything with a flexible PICK OUR BRAINS OFFER.

How it works

  • Select and pay for a session using the buttons and/or links on this page
  • After payment, we will redirect you to a page where you can choose either Colin or Elly’s online calendar to schedule a mutually convenient time for picking our brains!
  • You can also use this page to access a short ‘pre-meeting’ questionnaire. Please complete this to help us prepare for our conversation with a better understanding of where you are at and where you want to go.
  • You show up for the session, pick our brains about whatever your heart desires and we will provide as much value as we can to you in the time we have available

What others Have saID About our Brains

Colin’s had a massive impact on my personal growth as well as my business growth; a massive impact. I could almost say that without Colin’s input we wouldn’t be anywhere near where we are today. It doesn’t matter how good the market was or is, we would not be where we are today.

George Roberts, MD OF Connect Group, Award-Winning NZ Company

Colin’s positive energy, thoughtful, and strategic approach to business and team culture was a saving grace. Our relationship with Colin has allowed us to achieve business goals we didn’t dream of, and given us more valuable time with our family.

Dean Hyde, [email protected] – Award-Winning NZ Company

Wow, wow, wow! Thank you so much for all the time and effort… You are an amazing blogger Elly. I love the way your site looks and how you structure your articles. Jeez, your material has inspired me to keep going and push my aims higher… Thanks again Elly, it has been a pleasure working with you and a lot of fun 🙂

Michael, NLP Keys

Working with Colin literally changed my life. It all started when he helped me with a business plan at a time when I felt like I was stuck in a rut. His coaching made me wake up to the fact that anything was possible if you make a plan and stick to it. He got me believing in myself.

Andrew Davies, MD, Treology – Award-Winning NZ Company

Elly has a great way of getting you to achieve results that you never thought you could.

Rebecca, Christchurch, NZ

I can honestly say that without her dedication and determination I would not be here today.

Meegan, Christchurch, NZ

Book your own ‘Pick Our Brains’ Session

Our goal with this offer is to HELP YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE WITHOUT REGRETS.

You can spend days, months, or even years frustratingly hunting around the internet, following social media posts, listening to podcasts, watching YouTube videos…  but you still don’t know what YOU could/should be doing next! 

We know this from experience.

Because sometimes you simply want someone to hear YOUR exact questions and give you a personal and actionable response that helps you see things a bit differently. Or someone who you can share a screen with and let them show you exactly how they do this or that!

When you have direct access to someone who has trodden the path you want to follow, it can really help to unblock the road ahead.

We will listen to your story and provide any valuable tools, tips, or thoughts that can help you get ‘unstuck’ so you can move forward with your life, business or project!!!

So go ahead… Pick our brains!

Pick Our brains Session options

Choose a 45 or 90 minute session using the buttons below

45 Minutes US$97

Elly has been my mentor for the best part of the year. She has helped me tremendously to decide on which direction to head in with my health and fitness endeavors. I highly recommend Elly’s mentorship program for anyone who want to fast track their health and fitness career, or anyone who has an interest in the digital nomad lifestyle. Thanks Elly, it’s been awesome!

Ryan John Neveu
90 Minutes US$177

I found Colin to be a fantastic listener, and in turn provider of insightful and actionable guidance. Immediately after our meeting I was motivated to and did take steps to learn more and look deeper inside myself. His use of language was also very thoughtful and helped me to look at life differently. For instance, I have always had a very common-sense approach to life. However, not when it comes to putting in place the actual system of having a life that I want to live. Colin helped me think about the life I wanted, and how to start to put into place a system to help ensure that happens. Thank you so much!

Scott Colebourne, CourtSideGuide.com/

Any questions? Email us directly at support @ parentingpassportsandprofits dot com