The Power of Positive Language

Daddy-daughter day today so decided to practice intentionally setting it up to be an enjoyable one for us both. (As well as anyone else we hang out with later).

During a quiet and lovely breakfast with Little Miss we talked about “reframing” our words. For example, Little Miss said for the day to be a good one she would not complain, moan or scream.

The important thing to note when she uses these words is her body language and facial expressions. In this example, I would say her expressions lacked joy. Which is natural enough as she probably associated complaining, moaning and screaming with previous unpleasant experiences.

Bring on the ‘reframing’ and she said it would be a good day if she was calm, shared, smiled and took turns. And, as above, taking note of her body language and facial expressions, we get a totally different outcome! A body and face excited about the day ahead.

So now we have an ‘anchor’ to help our day be a great one! (It doesn’t mean the day won’t have challenges, but it definitely helps break unhelpful patterns of behavior that creep up on us all).

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