Your location independent and digital nomad family life starts here

Whether you’re an aspiring digital nomad family, a freedompreneur in the making, or simply a frustrated parent considering living differently, we’re here to help you enjoy your definition of a ‘life by design’.

Over time, we expect to expand this page so please contact us if you have a particular question you want answered. In the meantime, depending on where you’re at right now, we hope the following may help you move to the next stage of your journey…

Digital Nomad Families & Our Inspirations for Living Location Independently

Taking your first steps in any walk of life is often the hardest part about improving yourself and improving your life. Because you have little or no momentum to help you keep going. Which is why we all need inspirations and role models who can help light the way ahead.

If you’re at the stage of simply being curious about enjoying life to the fullest as a digital nomad family, then maybe it’s some inspiration you’re craving. That was definitely the case for us.

When we started out we wanted to know who, what and how as quickly as possible! Fortunately, we were amazed how quickly and often we found like-minded souls to connect with. So even though we can’t/don’t always remember to keep a note of every inspirational family, experience or location independent story we come across, we created ‘Our Inspirations’ page so you can rest assured you’re not alone in your aspirations. You can find it here.

Then, around June 2020, we also established the Find A Family page. This page is purely designed to help other location independent and worldschooling families find other worldschooling families similar to them. Please check it out and note you can Add Your Family too!

Note, there is always more to learn, so be careful not to get overwhelmed. Find advice that makes sense to you (on or off this site), take some action and keep testing and measuring!

If you have any questions, remember you can contact us at any time.

Digital Nomad Tools & Resources | Our Recommendations

Living life as we do, we need and use a variety of lifestyle and business related resources to help us fulfil our desire to live life to the fullest. In short, products and services, that keep us happy, healthy and sane(!) while we develop our digital nomad blog and location independent online income opportunities.

If you’re a ‘How do you do that?’ type of person, and want to know what products and services we personally use for family travel and freedompreneurship, check out our newly updated page 99+ COMPREHENSIVE DIGITAL NOMAD TOOLS FOR A LOCATION INDEPENDENT LIFESTYLE.

What’s Your Biggest Challenge?

We love helping worldschooling families enjoy a location independent lifestyle. Which we do by creating content, products or services that can help them live their own version of a ‘life by design’.

So to help us help you, we regularly need your help!

We want YOU to tell us what content to create. We want YOU to tell us exactly what you’re struggling with, so we can go to work and help you!

So please tell us… When it comes to location independent living or worldschooling, what is your #1 BIGGEST struggle, hurdle or frustration right now?

Life By Country Calculator Chart

Fun Family Download

'Kids % of Life by Country Calculator'

Use your kids passports and a simple spreadsheet to calculate what percentage of their life your children have spent in different countries! Complete with graphs!