Top 18 things to do in Podgorica Montenegro in 2021

Created by Elly McGuinness

Last Updated: September 30, 2021

“Don’t go to Podgorica” they said. “There’s nothing to do in Podgorica”. “Everyone goes to the coast or mountains for summer unless they’re tied to Podgorica for work”. “It’s Europe’s most boring Capital City”. “It’s too hot there in summer”. We decided to base ourselves in Podgorica for most of summer 2021, and we were repeatedly meet with comments such as these. But don’t worry, we’re going to share plenty of great ideas of things to do in Podgorica with you!

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Our reality in Podgorica Montenegro

So what was our reality in Podgorica, one of the smallest European Capitals, but Montenegro’s largest city? We are not full-time tourists, and we’ll find fun wherever we go🙂. There’s a great coworking space in Podgorica so we knew we’d be able to get into a good rhythm and balance with work and leisure.

Ayla at the Nest coworking space in Podgorica

In Podgorica, we were able to get a very spacious three-bedroom apartment in the city center for the same price as one tiny room on the crowded coast over summer.

Sure, at first glance it might appear as if Podgorica is lacking a bit of life and character. You might even wonder “where are all the people?”.

But when you take a closer look around you’ll find there are little pockets of life and soul, plenty of really friendly people, plus some fun things to do.

From the crystal clear swimmable rivers in the city center to the quaint little cocktail shack or live music you might stumble across, there’s plenty on offer in Podgorica.

It’s also a great base to see other parts of the country. You can reach many coastal towns and cities in one hour and you can even catch the train to the coastal city of Bar. Podgorica is a great place to access the beautiful lake Skadar or to take a drive or train further north into the mountains.

We’re going to dispel the myth that there’s nothing to do in Podgorica. Stay tuned for our top tips for things to do in Podgorica, Montenegro!

Things to do in Podgorica-Ayla at the park

Our journey into Montenegro as a full time, slow travel family

From Lake Ohrid, North Macedonia we traveled through the top half of Albania. Five hours after we set off we were through two borders and in our new destination – the small and very beautiful country of Montenegro.

That’s one of the things I love about traveling around this part of the world. There are lots of different countries nearby so it’s easy to travel overland.

Having so many borders close by has been especially useful during these more challenging travel times. We are still taking the easiest routes we can!

Montenegro has some absolutely stunningly beautiful scenery. We spent our first three nights in Petrovac on the coast visiting friends.

It’s the third country we’ve met them in and they were the reason we decided to leave Macedonia a little earlier than planned. We first met them two years ago in Vietnam. Then we stayed with them in Belgrade, Serbia last December and January. For us, meeting incredible people is one of the most special parts of our lifestyle.

After Petrovac, we headed to the main city of Podgorica. It’s the place that no one goes for summer, apparently. Well, except for us. Because we don’t usually go where “everyone” is going😉

Things to do in Podgorica-Roman square fountain-Romy

A little tip for tourists in Montenegro

Did you know that Montenegro charges a tourist tax of 1 euro per adult per day? Just FYI because we didn’t know that until we started planning to come here. Most accommodation providers, especially hotels, will tell you about it and assist you in going to pay the tax.

But some might not mention it. And if you don’t go to one of the offices to register when you first arrive, you might get caught up with fines later on. It’s a “good to know” kind of tip 😉.

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The top things to do in Podgorica Montenegro in 2021 | Podgorica Itinerary

1. Hang out at the green parks in the city

There are plenty of green parks around Podgorica, which offer some welcome shade in the heat of summer.

Most of the parks are relatively small but they each provide a place to chill out for a while.

City Park has four playgrounds – one in each corner of the park. The playgrounds are quite similar but they’re good for entertaining little people. There wasn’t a lot there for Ayla at 7.5 years old. She prefers playgrounds with big climbing frames and monkey bars! Just along the road is AND1 restaurant, which offers Alfresco dining and a small outdoor playground for younger kids.

Green parks in Podgorica-city park-Romy

King’s Park has a paved path (most of the others have stoney paths, which aren’t good for scooters!). It also has a small playground and fountain.

Karadordev has some old-school-style workout equipment. It’s designed for adults but our kids love playing on it. I can get a good workout just lifting Ayla up to the really high monkey bars 🤣.

Karadordev Park Podgorica city-fitness equipment-Romy

Njegoshev Park is a nice leafy green riverfront park. All these parks are in the central area of Podgorica.

2. Swim in the crystal clear and icy cold rivers

One of the reasons many people told us not to come to Podgorica is that it’s very hot over the summer. We were told that the rivers are too cold to swim in.

It didn’t make too much sense to us… Because if it’s super hot then an ice-cold river is kinda refreshing!

Sure, the rivers are icy cold because they’re fed from the mountains. But we think they’re great for a paddle or a plunge on hot summers days 😍.

Things to do in Podgorica city-walking down to the Moraca river near old Ribnica bridge

This is Montenegro’s biggest city. OK, so the population isn’t huge but it’s still a city. And the city centre rivers are crystal clear, which is a major bonus.

So we’d highly recommend hanging out on the Morača River if you’re looking for things to do in Podgorica.

In the summer there are plenty of pebble areas to perch yourself along the river. Park yourself under one of the bridges for a bit of shade. Bridges such as the Millenium bridge and Moscow bridge are also nice to walk across and look down to the river below. The area down by the old Ribnica Bridge is also nice.

Our main word of warning about the river? Wear sandals or beach shoes. Sadly we have found a lot of broken glass around. The river banks are used as an evening drinking spot for some and bottles aren’t being disposed of properly (even though there are rubbish bins around) 😢

Moraca river swimming Podgorica Montenegro

3. Swim at the Morača Sports Center

Podgorica has a nice central public pool for hot summers days. It’s called Otvoreni Olimpijski bazen and is part of the sportski centar Morača, near the Morača River.

Although the summer temperatures here are very hot (often up around 40 degrees), somehow the pool still stays very cool 🤣.

It’s open every day but is closed between 12 pm and 2 pm. A morning ticket is 2.50 euros and an afternoon one is 3 euros. Kids are free although they might charge for older ones.

One thing to know is that the pool is 2m deep so it’s over everyone’s heads. No kids pool here! For several reasons, we’ve never put our kids in floatation devices. However, in the interest of being able to swim here as a family, Romy (age 2) has used one in this pool. Therefore, we didn’t have to cross this off our things to do in Podgorica list!

There’s also an indoor pool which is charged hourly. (That one is also deep). Ayla did a 10 day swim course with Smart Gym in the indoor pool.

Otvoreni Olimpijski bazen is our go-to pool in Podgorica. You can also swim at the pool at Voco Podgorica Hotel just out of town, which is also 2m deep. Go to that one if you’re after a full spa experience with saunas, Jacuzzis, high-tech showers, etc. It’s a bit harder on the wallet at 25 euros per person for 6 hours, or 60 euros for 6 people. We were lucky to enjoy a swim and spa there for free while our friends were staying there.

Things to do in Podgorica-swim at the Moraca sports center-Colin

4. Visit Montenegro’s very own Niagara Waterfalls

Podgorica has its very own Niagara Falls! It’s pronounced slightly differently to the North American one and it’s perhaps not quite as grand a tourist attraction. However, at just 10 minutes drive from town (5 euros in a taxi), it’s a fab spot for a day out.

Things to do in Podgorica Montenegro-Niagara Falls

It’s easy to park up here for the whole afternoon. There’s a small playground for kids, a viewpoint for the falls, and a nice restaurant right on the river.

You can swim in the icy cold river, which we think is even cooler than the river in town! It’s easy to hike along the rocks if you watch your step and we saw a lovely lagoon-type area where a few people were jumping off rocks and swimming. It wasn’t ideal for us with a two-year-old so we just enjoyed the area close to the falls and restaurant.

There are also some interesting antique toys and household items inside the restaurant, plus a resident baby bunny and puppies roaming around outside.

Romy playing on toys inside the Niagara falls restaurant-Podogorica Montenegro

It’s a great place to hang out with the whole family and we’d recommend adding it to your things to do in Podgorica itinerary!

An important note about the falls

We were recommended to go to Niagara falls early in the season, due to the possibility that it would dry up over the summer. We took that advice! Then we kind of forgot about it and went back at the beginning of September, hoping to enjoy a swim. And yes, it was as dry as a bone!

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5. Take the kids to one of the many indoor playgrounds

There are plenty of great indoor playgrounds in Podgorica. You can stay and watch the kids play, drink coffee onsite, or head off for a while! All the ones we have been to are perfect for little kids and great for 40 degree summer days. (I imagine they’d also be fab in winter). There isn’t so much for big kids at these places, but our big 7.5 year old still loves them.

We have found the teachers/facilitators to be very friendly, welcoming, and fun at all the playgrounds we’ve been to.

A few of our faves:

1. Kvart Igraonica

This is located next door to Nest coworking. There’s a drinks cafe downstairs and the playground upstairs. They have a fun play area and an art area. Each time we’ve been they seem to be celebrating a birthday party so they’ve always invited us to join! They also have a basement room for older kids to play video games and they have a disco area. The price for the playground is 3 euros for 2 hours or 5 euros all day!

kids indoor playgrounds in Podgorica Montenegro-Kvart Igraonica-Romy

2. Igraonica Hram

This is located right next to the big beautiful church in central Podgorica (Hram Hristovog Vaskrsenja). It’s just a small playground with a cafe attached. They also have an outdoor playground. It’s only 1.50 euros for 1 hour or 2 euros for 2 hours.

Kids play spaces in Podgorica-Igraonica Hram-Romy and Colin

3. YoYo Igraonica

This is another small and enclosed play space inside Delta city mall. It’s 2.50 euros. I’m never sure exactly how long they can play. However, it’s located adjacent to Atrio restaurant and the mall cafeteria so it’s an amazing place to let the kids play if you want to eat in peace😂.

Indoor playgrounds for kids in Podgorica-Yoyo Igraonica-Romy on climbing wall

4. Happy kids

Happy Kids is located across the road from delta city mall and then another street back (look it up on Google maps). Again, this is a lovely play space and you can also sit and have a drink if you want to.

There is also Smart Gym in Capital Plaza, which is open during term time. We found another one or two other indoor playgrounds that are open outside of the quieter summer months.

Indoor playgrounds Podgorica-happy kids-Ayla and Romy

6. Check out the Old Ribnica Bridge and Nemanjin Grad Fortress

It’s worth taking a look at the old Ribnica river bridge and the surrounding area in Podgorica. It’s located right on the Morača river so it’s also a great spot for a river swim in summer.

The bridge goes over a smaller stream. It’s dried up in summer but I suspect there’s another layer of beauty to see when the water is flowing under it during rainier seasons.

Just above the bridge is Nemanjin Grad, the old fortress. It’s crumbling away and hasn’t been restored. It’s still a lovely spot to wander around.

Behind the Ribnica fortress is the old town. Sadly, Podgorica was heavily bombed in WW11 so not a lot remains of the old town. It’s probably not going to keep you meandering for long but you can stroll the few cobblestoned streets and imagine what it once was. There are also a few landmarks in this small area including a couple of mosques and the historic clock tower.

Things to do in Podgorica-Ribnica fortress

7. Visit Hram Hristovog Vaskrsenja Church

Hram Hristovog Vaskrsenja (The Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ) is perhaps the most stunning building in the whole of Podgorica. Located in the new town this beautiful Orthodox church certainly stands out amongst the very plain and less-inspiring buildings all around it and in the rest of the city (my opinion).

Although we don’t practice any religion we were in awe of this incredible church. There is beautiful detail on the exterior. And wow – the interior of the church is fully covered in colorful paintings. There is a little souvenir shop before you walk in, and a cafe with indoor and outdoor playgrounds next door.

Things to do in Podgorica-visit the orthodox church in the new town

8. Check out Cluville Kids Escape Room

Cluville kids Escape Room is a fab activity for kids aged about 6 to 14 years. We first heard about escape rooms a few years ago but this was the first one we’d tried. We loved it so much that we went two days in a row with our friends!

Basically, the kids work together to solve riddles and puzzles and get themselves out of the room! Each room has a different theme and normally takes about an hour to complete. The friendly staff will help if needed. These imaginative unschooled kids really got into it and did an amazing job of solving puzzles!

At the moment there’s an alien room, a potion room, and a detective room set up for the kids of Podgorica. There’s also a new room that they’ve set up which is designed for the whole family to do together. Over time the room themes will change so you can go back again and again.

You can play with 4-10 players and they even cater for occasions like birthday parties. The price is 40 euros for four players with a discounted rate per player when you’ve got a bigger group.

We highly recommend the Cluville Escape Room as a great place to take kids in Podgorica. Make sure you book in advance!

Things to do in Podgorica with kids-Cluville escape room

9. Take a stroll through Gorica Park

Gorica park deserves a special mention on its own. Much bigger than the other parks in Podgorica it’s a good spot for an easy walk or hike. There’s a lovely church at the entrance, which is where a taxi will drop you, or you can park your car.

Then head up the paved road and into the greenery! Not far up the road, you’ll reach the Mediterranean garden. There’s a stone path to walk around, lots of plants, and even some tortoises!

A little further along is the adventure park, which also has a cafe and playground. From the adventure park, you can continue around the paved road for an easy loop walk. There are two loops, with one being slightly smaller than the other. And there are various little off-road trails you can explore.

It’s not huge; you can’t really get lost. The gradient is very gentle so it’s suitable for most levels of fitness. About an hour should be enough to explore the hill and take in the views over Podgorica.

Sadly, about half of the forest here was burnt in one of the summer wildfires. A replanting initiative has been organized for the beginning of the autumn season.

Things to do in Podgorica-Gorica Forest Park-Ayla

10. Try your hand at high ropes, ziplines, and climbing at Adventure Park Gorica!

Our favorite part of Gorica park in Podgorica is the adventure park!

There are four levels of high ropes/ziplines etc at Adventure Park Gorica. The first one (yellow course) is great for kids aged about 4-6 (or perhaps a little younger if they can clip on and off themselves).

Things to do in Podgorica-adventure park Gorica-Ayla on zipline

The green course is good for about age five and up, blue is for eight years plus, and the red course is for maybe 16 or 18 years plus.

At 7.5 years Ayla was first told she wouldn’t be able to go on the blue course because she wouldn’t be able to reach everything. However, on our second visit, she came with a 10-year-old friend who is of similar height. They let her give it a go and she was away! She has to use a full stretch in the last part of the course but it’s very doable.

Gorica Adventure park high ropes-Ayla

It’s 5 euros for 1.5 hours at the adventure park. They also have a climbing wall which is 3 euros for 3 climbs. Remember to wear closed-toe shoes if you want to play in the adventure park. Ayla was wearing her sports sandals a few times. It depends who is working as to whether they’ll let you climb in sandals.

We love the leafy green setting, which also makes it possible to go on hot days. The little ones are also well looked after with a playground, and there is an on-site cafe selling drinks and desserts.

Things to do in Podgorica-Adventure Park Gorica-kids playground-Romy

11. Take a day trip to Skadar Lake National Park, the largest lake in Southern Europe

Podgorica is a great base from which you can explore the beautiful Lake Skadar National Park. You can reach the northwest edge of the lake in just 20 minutes from the city.

We visited the little fishing village of Karuc. It was a bit of a mission getting the car down the narrow winding road and finding somewhere to park! There’s not a lot there but there are one or two places you can get drinks and maybe food. It’s a picturesque drive down.

Day trip to Lake Skadar-Karuc fishing vilage-Ayla

A little further along the road, you’ll come to Pavlova Strana viewpoint where you can enjoy beautiful views over the edge of Lake Skadar. (It looks more like a river here before it opens up into the expanse of the lake).

Just a little further along is the small village of Rijeka where you can enjoy a meal looking over the water.

Day trip to Skadar Lake Montenegro-Rijeka village

There are a few lovely wineries in the area. We visited Mrkan winery, which is a nice little family vineyard. You can technically just show up to these places for wine tasting and a platter of food, but it’s recommended to book in because they’re only small. We tried their wines and enjoyed some delicious fresh produce straight from their garden. They also make their own fruit liqueurs.

Best of all, they welcomed the kids and even had a few toys on their verandah.

Mrkan winery-Skadar Lake-Ayla

Getting to Lake Skadar National Park from Podgorica (Montenegro)

If you want to visit these places you’ll drive along the M2.3. However, if you want to see the main part of Lake Skadar, head down the E80. You’ll drive over the lake to the village of Virpazar. Buses from Podgorica also go here and you’ll pass through Virpazar if you’re taking the train south to Sutomore or Bar.

There are a couple of beaches you can access from the Virpazar route. Murici beach is another 50 minutes drive along Lake Skadar from Virpazar. If you do drive along the lakeside roads and down to the various points of interest just be prepared that they are winding roads, so it takes a while to travel a short distance.

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12. Take a train trip North into the mountains

There is a train line that runs all the way from Belgrade in Serbia to the coastal town of Bar in Montenegro.

As a full-time slow travel family without a car, train travel is a great option to help us get out and explore!

If you’re looking for things to do in Podgorica, take a train trip North into the mountains. There are a few stops before Serbia, the first of which is the lovely mountain town of Kolašin.

It’s about 1 hour and 15 minutes from Podgorica on the train. However, it’s likely that it will take you longer to get to your destination. In our experience, the trains are slower than they say and there are often departure delays. On the way back from Kolašin our train was delayed for over three hours, so essentially we just had to wait for the last train of the day. It was one of those reminders not to have expectations about these sorts of adventures!

Train trip from Podgorica to Kolasin-Ayla and Romy on hillside above train station

A beautiful destination for summer or winter

Kolašin is located at around 1000m above sea level. It’s a ski resort in winter and a cooler alternative to Podgorica in summer, which makes it a nice winter or summer destination. The average high temperature in summer is supposedly around 23 or 24 degrees, which is very cool compared to the stifling heat in Podgorica. However, it felt pretty hot when we were there!

There are some lovely trails to walk and bike in Kolašin, plus a small botanical garden you can visit. The pedestrianized area in the town offers a relaxing area to chill out and have a meal and drinks.

The Bianca resort in Kolašin is really big and looks lovely. There are surrounding woods, an adventure park in the trees, and plenty of other activities to enjoy there.

We’d recommend the day trip from Podgorica to Kolašin on the train as long as you’re not too attached to the departure and arrival times!

Check out the video below, which is all about our day trip from Podgorica to Kolašin on the train.

13. Take the train south to the coastal town of Bar

You can also take the train South from Podgorica to the port town of Bar in Montenegro. In just one hour you’ll be at the seaside where you can swim and chill or even take the 9-hour ferry across to Bari in Italy.

There are a couple of sites you might want to visit in the town. These include King Nicola’s Palace and St. Jovan Vladimir’s church across the road. There’s also a nice restaurant with a kids outdoor playground beside the palace.

Bar has a really nice old town with some lovely ruins. However, it’s a 10-minute drive from town so we decided to stay around the restaurants and beaches in town for the day.

The train ticket is super cheap. It was less than 6 euros for all of us one way. The train was very crowded and hot with a lot of people smoking and drinking at 9 am on a Sunday morning. We were happy that the train ride home was quieter!

Check out the video below, which is all about this day trip☺.

14. Enjoy an afternoon in Cetinje

Cetinje is a small town that makes a lovely day trip from Podgorica. It’s only about 35 minutes drive and it has some lovely green spaces to hang out in.

You’ll wind up the hill to get to Cetinje. It’s often a few degrees cooler than Podgorica, which makes it an appealing summer option for many!

There is some lovely al fresco dining in the pedestrianized area of town. We went to a delicious local restaurant where the food was clearly homemade and absolutely delicious. (It was cheaper than restaurants in Podgorica too).

There’s a beautiful and important monastery in Cetinje, which is well worth a visit. And the gorgeous surrounding landscape is really nice for a stroll. If you’re looking for easy day trips from Podgorica, check out Cetinje☺.

Day trip to Cetinje-Montenegro-Monastery-Ayla and Romy

15. Have a meal at Imanje Knjaz

If you’re in Podgorica with kids and you’re wondering where to have a meal, try out Imanje Knjaz.

It’s 10 minutes drive from town (just a few euros in a taxi) and they have a great space available for the kids to run around.

The main feature is the nice outdoor playground. You’ll also find a stream with ducks and geese, plus there are cats and kittens wandering around.

As a bonus, we also had a delicious meal (veg lasagne hotpot and a salad). The kids might even be entertained enough for you to enjoy a relaxing meal😜.

Things to do in Podgorica-dine at Imanje Knjaz-goose in stream

16. Swim in the pool at Hotel Aria

If you’re looking for a pool to take your kids to in Podgorica, try Hotel Aria.

It’s well set up for families with a kids pool and slides. There’s also a big pool with a deep end and a shallow end with water jets.

Hotel Aria is about 15 minutes drive from the city center. It was worth it for us to get in a taxi (about 6 euros) because there’s nothing that we know of that’s like this in town. There are a couple of other hotels we know about where you can use the pool. However, they’re 2m deep and would set us back about 60 euros to use! The public pool here is also 2m deep so it was nice to discover hotel Aria where we could all relax a bit more.

It’s 8 euros per adult to use the pools for the day and kids are free. You also get sun loungers, umbrellas and towels included.

The grounds of the hotel are also lovely, and while you’re there you can order food from the restaurant or poolside. We’d highly recommend hotel Aria for summer swimming in Podgorica with kids. 

Things to do in Podogrica Montenegro-swim at hotel Aria-kids swimming pool and slides

17. Get a taste of ancient history at the ruins at Duklija

There are some ancient ruins on the doorstep of Podgorica city. They’re not quite as spectacular as many others around Europe but they were a nice destination for my early morning weekend walk.

It takes about an hour to walk to Duklja from the new town in Podgorica. Just follow the Morača river north until it meets the Zeta river. Duklija is just north of that.

The ruins are signposted with explanations of what what was presumed to be there, including large and small thermal baths, a forum, a basilica, and a temple.

I’d recommend it as a nice walk where you can take in the beauty of the river and get a small taste of the history of the area.

Things to do in Podgorica-walk to the ruins at Duklija

18. Take a day trip to Budva

Budva is a popular town on the central Montenegro coast. It’s less than an hour’s drive from Podgorica so it makes for an easy day trip. And the hilltop views over the water are absolutely stunning as you drive in.

Budva is very busy in the summer months. We visited mid-week at the beginning of September and the place was bustling.

The old town is very charming with plenty of cute shops and yummy eateries. It’s located right in the center by the waterfront so it’s easy to access and you have a nice wander around.

The waterfront is also lovely for a stroll and you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to restaurants.

The beaches are nice too and the water is warm and clear. There are also plenty of watersport options to enjoy here including stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking.

Day trip to Budva from Podogrica-Budva old town

The best things to do in Podgorica Montenegro | In summary

Podgorica City is a pleasant place to spend some time in, even in summer, when it’s really hot! With a little bit of effort, you’ll find plenty of things to do. Start by strolling down the pedestrian streets (e.g. in Roman Square) and enjoying a cup of coffee (a favorite Montenegrin pastime) at one of the many coffee shops. Then walk through the beautiful parks, over the bridges, and into Gorica Forest Park to enjoy a slice of nature and adventure. 

Things to do in Podgorica-street art in the park-Ayla

When you’re ready to venture a little further afield, check out Montenegro’s very own Niagara falls, and beautiful Skadar Lake, which is right on the doorstep of Podgorica City. We hope you’ve got plenty of fab ideas for your Podgorica itinerary. If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to us and join the conversation in the comments box below!

For things to do in other nearby destinations, check out our favorite recommendations for Petrovac in Montenegro, Ohrid (North Macedonia), Tirana (Albania), Serbia (and, specifically, Belgrade), and Bansko (Bulgaria).

Things to do in Podogrica-Ayla and Romy running through fountains

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