Write For Us

Want to write for a digital nomad blog, eh?

Wonderful! The world needs more people who want to write for a digital nomad blog! So we’re currently accepting guest posts from people who wish to write about the following:

  • Parenting – Specifically, what we loosely refer to as ‘Intentional Parenting’. Please refer to our ‘Parenting’ category page to understand more about the philosophies that underpin the definition of ‘intentional parenting’. Also anything to do with home education (“homeschooling” / “unschcooling” / “roadschooling” / “worldschooling”.
  • Passports – ‘Passports’ is our metaphor for ‘living life’ whether that be in your own backyard or on the other side of your world! Our readers want to be inspired and/or challenged to do things that make them extend their comfort zones. See our ‘Passports’ category page for more information then feel free to share your ‘living life’ experiences with us!
  • Profits – Specifically ways to make money online irrespective of where you live. And/or productivity hacks to save people time.Our readers aspire to freedom more than financial riches. It’s location independent income lifestyles and resources that are of interest to them. (Again, see our ‘Profits’ category page for more information).

Irrespective of the above subjects, here is what we are looking for from our guest writers:


We only accept guest posts which are original content and not published anywhere else on the Internet. Duplicate or plagiarized content will not be accepted.

Please do not include affiliate links unless previously discussed with us.


Should be in keeping with the rest of the website blog posts as well as reflecting the philosophies and values introduced on our About page and the above category pages. Importantly, it should be positive, friendly, and authentic.

We are very happy for you to include personal stories.


You can use headings as well as numbered and bullet-point lists.

Please do not format the post in any other way (avoid bold, underline, font changes, font size changes, etc). We will format it to be consistent with our website format.

Please do not double space after periods or between paragraphs.

Word Count

We are looking for posts with a minimum of 1,200 words of original content.

Keyword(s) and SEO

If you’re a new blogger and/or unfamiliar with the importance of keywords and SEO, we totally understand! It was a significant learning curve for us when we started out and remains a constant work in progress. If this is the case for you, please let us know as early as possible so we can collaborate more on the following.

Each post needs to have a particular keyword chosen related to the article.

  • The keywords need to be included in the several times but must look natural and read well.
  • Keywords should be specific. A bad example of keywords (key phrase) = “parenting”. A much better example = “parenting during holidays”
  • Average monthly searches for the keyword must exceed 200 searches a month on Google.
  • Difficulty rating should be easy or easy-moderate. Where the difficulty rating is moderate, the search volume must exceed 1000 searches per month on Google.
  • We use https://www.keysearch.co/research to get this information. (The link is an affiliate link. If you choose to sign-up with Keysearch, please use the code ‘KSDISC’ to receive a 20% discount. We will also earn a small commission at no extra cost to you).
  • Keyword idea, search volume and difficulty rating (please give us the specific number) should be included when presenting your ideas to us. (See below ‘How to submit a post’).

Sharing expectations

Once your guest post is published, we expect you to share it with your social community and you can expect that we will do the same. Depending on the topic and content provided we will share your post on a variety of social and media platforms as appropriate; e.g. the following being an indicative (rather than exhaustive or specific) list; Facebook; Instagram; LinkedIn.

What’s in it for you when you write for a digital nomad blog?

Seeing as we do not compensate our guest writers, each accepted guest post will have an author bio containing 3-4 sentences about the author including one (1) dofollow link. You may also include links inside the article if they are relevant, natural, and will help the reader. (Please do not include affiliate links unless previously discussed with us).

You will get your name and work out to our expanding audience of like-minded followers.

How to submit a post

Send your proposed article ideas in an email with the subject header “guest post submission”. Remember to include your keyword(s) as well as an indicative monthly search volume and difficulty rating.

If we’re is interested in your article idea we will let you know as soon as possible and give you a timeline for when we will want to publish the post. You can then write it and submit it to us in Microsoft Word or Google Docs format (or simply paste into the body of an email).

Please address all email correspondence to ‘support @ parenting.passports.profit dot com

Include a 2-3 sentence bio, a head and shoulders photo, and one link with your submission. If you would like specific photo(s) included with your post, please ensure they are high resolution and sized close to 960x540px (16:9 ratio). If you do not send a photo we will select a suitable one for the post.

We will review and make any changes, then run the final version by you before publishing.

We may include links within your post if they naturally link to other posts on our site, or other sites that we know about and respect. (The final version will be reviewed by you before publishing).

“Thank you in advance for your interest in wanting to write for a digital nomad blog such as parentingpassportsandprofits.com. We’re already looking forward to hearing your stories!”